Beacon City Band

Beacon City Band front cover

Front cover

Beacon City Band

1. A Rich Poorman's Life
2. Aunt Nora
3. Canvas Blue
4. Sunday Morning
5. West Texas Sun
6. On Moonlit Heath And Lonesome Bank
7. Cold River
8. Is My Team Ploughing
9. Innocence Song
10 Taps
11 Snowing Me Under
Beacon City Band back cover

Back cover

Beacon City Band

Roland Denney - Five-string bass.
Denice Franke - Guitar and Vocals.
Doug Hudson - Guitar and Vocals. Mandolin, Harmonica.
David W. Wright - Guitar and Vocals. Harmonica, Recorder.

Recorded May, 1981, By John And Laurie Hill at Loma Ranch Studios in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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