Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 2008 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

uncle said, boy, don’t come ‘round here no more
don’t want trouble knockin’ at my door
heard what you did and it can’t be undone
better get used to livin’ on the run

don’t you hear them hounds sniffin ‘round the tracks
hear them hounds comin’ ‘round the back
you better run, jack
don’t show your face around here

she was a fair skinned girl with the summer in her eyes
she moved through the water like a bird in the sky
i fell into her smile like a bee to the bloom
and we’d meet on the bank for a little taste of honey
‘til sonny boy come fishin’ one day
caught us holdin’ hands, laughin’ at the water
it’s a small town, jack, and they don’t take to color
judge will see you hang for messin’ with his daughter

boy, don’t you hear them hounds…

mama said, boy, you better run fast
you know they’re gonna find you here
sheriff’s been ‘round with a warrant for you
and I got babies sleepin’ in the back room
don’t you hear them hounds…

before i leave i gotta tell you true
i loved that girl like the sky loves blue
her daddy wasn’t keen to the love we shared
so he put her down like a crippled mare
when I came through the door there was no screamin’
just the fire of a gun and a quiet moan
her daddy just stood there didn’t say a word
as the blood run through her pretty yellow hair
he said hear them hounds boy…

you can lose them hounds if you cross white river
ain’t no justice for the common man
no time for your tears, no time for goodbyes
no rest by the water, no rest from her eyes
don’t you hear them hounds…

Mark Hallman: bass and maracas
Rick Richards: drums
Denice Franke: acoustic guitar and vocal
Robert McEntee: electric guitar, dobro, and intro vocal

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