Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 2008 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

if you thought you knew me then
well you don’t know me now at all
i come before you as a friend, not your lover or your dog
we’ve been goin’ round in circles
ever since i hit the door
you feel the burnin’ in your senses
you have that look when you’re ‘bout to lose control

they say that time heals our wounds, hell, the wounds heal our time
all we have are really moments
moments shinin’ like a dime
come a little closer, baby, let me take you by the hand
let’s go walk into the night
let’s make the night our friend

you know i’ve been around the world
seen a lot of pretty things
but not as fine as my magnolia girl
when she’s walkin’ down the street
her legs move with purpose
her skirt whips like liberty
and when you think there’s no redemption, boys
you better step out in the street

you say the motion makes you dizzy
you say you cannot take the spin
you say my eyes make you uneasy
if looks could kill then you’d be dead
lay your worries down, baby
leave the nightingale to sing
all we have are really moments
moments kiss and moments sting
all we have are really moments
moments kiss and moments sting

Denice Franke: acoustic guitar and vocal
Mark Hallman: bass, electric guitar, Hammond B3 organ
Rick Richards: drums