Seminole Girl

Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 2008 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

he said “i never knew the love 'til i fell in deep with a seminole girl,
she sent that arrow right through me
sharp and pretty as a desert rose, don't be fooled, boys
she no fool, she is her own
what do you say about the black crow hair?
cheek bones rise to the gods, they smile on high
i asked her for a dance
she took my hand, she moved into me
shining, strident, and graceful”

oh, no time for wonderin’
no time for worryin' if that girl say yes
oh, no time for idlyin', get on your feet boy, go ask that girl to dance

what about the mistress on the rural route?
she'd taken a few
that moon kept her shine left nothin' but the black of night
the drone of the wheels on highway 9
daddy fell in deep in a sweet dream never knew what hit him
there's a lot to say about the dust bowl girls
six little hands, mama put them to work feedin' hungry workin' men
mama pushed them hard, made them strong
no time for play, this grown-ups' game, you better grow up fast

oh, no time for idlyin'
no time for worryin' where the next meal's comin'
oh, no sense in cryin' now
no time for feelin' sorry for yourself

she had a little boy in the truman times
her man turned hard, she kept her mind,
left him sitting there with his drink
she took the job at the elko shop
trying to make ends meet
alone with her son living in the projects
there's a lot to say about a woman who's strong
she takes charge
she needs no man to appraise her
that's what i love about the seminole girl
she no fool, boys, she is her own.

oh, no time for idlyin’…

he said, "i never knew the love 'til i fell in deep with the seminole girl
she sent that arrow right through me"...

Denice Franke: acoustic guitar and vocal
Mark Hallman: rebana, hopi shakers
Robert McEntee: electric guitar
Eliza Gilkyson: background vocals

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