Sergio’s Watching

Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 2008 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

sergio’s watching…
he’ll never say, you’ll never know
sergio’s watching…
what he sees, he’ll never show

she lives alone in the upstairs room
fingering brochures of a grecian island
she can feel the opal eyes
the warmth of the mediterranean
that calls her to the deep, deep blue

sergio’s watching…

there’s laughter in the marmalade kitchen
the girls raise their glasses to their beloved argentina
a sigh, a glance, a kiss
leads to a tender touch
forbidden fruit so inviting

sergio’s watching

young man ties down his arm
waiting for his savior’s second coming
bitter sweet from a heated spoon
warm liquid meets the blood
like rivers do in times of flood
he descends into the troubled waters.

sergio’s watching…

sergio’s harmless, he’s done no wrong
hears no sound from the things he sees
he climbs the poles and works the cables
from his perch he’s seen it all
the sadness in forgotten rooms
to the sweet love light of april’s june

sergio’s watching…

Denice Franke: acoustic guitar
Spencer Starnes: upright acoustic bass
Rick Richards: drums
Bob Meyer: trumpets

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