Tara Lee

Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 2008 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

tara lee sits on the edge of her bed looking down at her shoes
something ain’t right about them today
her silky dress fits tight around her hips
man, it just won’t do
she just smiles about nothing, lights another cigarette
pours herself another cup of coffee
she don’t know who she may meet tonight
her man ain’t come around in a long time

to hell with it…she takes the shoes off her feet
pulls the dress from her body and throws them on the floor
she draws herself a hot bath takes the razor to her legs
let’s just start it all over, let’s just pretend he just pulled himself out of bed
i don’t see why men have to be so distracted?
my man ain’t come around in a long time

it’s another hot night on jensen street looking for a man to charm
maybe i’ll find one of those sweet romantics who’ll treat a girl to fresh strawberries,
some chilled champagne, with an air-conditioned room
this street’s no place to be when the sun comes up
‘cause if you’re still standing there
you begin to see all the nuances of life in a real mean city…

i wonder where that boy is? probably still out on the rigs
making all that money, man, putting in all that time
he had that kind of tenderness you just don’t see everyday
ah, these jags in their bmws, you think they’d know what a lady needs
but when the lights go down, you peel it off and you see it all comin’down, comin’down

see it all comin’ down, see it all comin’ down to the ground
see it all comin down, see it all comin’ down…
my man ain’t come around
man ain’t come around in a long time, no…

ah, these sultry nights in this houston town
people just dropping out like flies from the heat
i don’t know why i choose this town
i guess it suits me better than a cold manhattan boulevard…
my man ain’t come around in a long time…

Denice Franke: acoustic guitar and vocal
Mark Hallman: bass and electric guitar
Rick Richards: drums and bendir
Robert McEntee: electric guitar

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