Once In A Very Blue Moon

Nanci Griffith
Philo/Rounder, PH 1096 (1984)

1. Ghost In The Music
2. Love Is A Hard Waltz
3. Roseville Fair
4. Mary & Omie
5. Friend Out In The Madness
6. I'm Not Drivin' These Wheels
7. Time Alone
8. Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith
9. Daddy Said
10 Once In A Very Blue Moon
11 If I Were The Woman You Wanted
12 Year Down In New Orleans
13 Spin On A Red Brick Floor
All songs written by Nanci Griffith except:

Ghost In The Music - Nanci Griffith & Eric Taylor
Roseville Fair - Bill Staines
Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith - Richard Dobson
Once In A Very Blue Moon - Patrick Alger & Eugene Levine
If I Were The Woman You Wanted - Lyle Lovett

Pat Alger - Acoustic guitar and Mark Howard's high-string guitar.
John Catchings - Cello.
Phillip Donnelly - Electric guitar and sea gulls.
Stephen Doster - Acoustic and electric guitar.
Bela Fleck - Banjo.
Denice Franke - Harmony Vocals.
Lloyd Green - Dobro and pedal steel.
Nanci Griffith - Acoustic guitar, Lead and harmony vocals.
Mark Howard - Acoustic rhythm guitar and high-string guitar.
Roy Huskey Jr. - Up-right bass.
Lyle Lovett - Harmony Vocals.
Terry McMillian - Harmonica.
Kenny Malone - Percussion.
Mark O'Connor - Piccolo mandolin, mandolin, fiddle (violin), mandola.
Ralph Vitello - Piano and synthesizer.

Produced by Jim Rooney & Nanci Griffith

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