Threadbare Alibis

Hal Ketchum
Sawdust Records - 1989

1. Twenty Years
2. Someplace Far Away
3. Sawmill Song
4, Bobbie's Song
5. Better Left Unsaid
6. Morning Side of Dawn
7. The Belgian Team
8. Black Burning Air
9. Came Down to Ride
10 Naomi
Hal Ketchum - Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
Brian Wood - Six, Twelve, High-String Acoustic Guitars
Roland Denney - Five String Bass
Paul Pearcey - Drums, Percussion.
Paul Glasse - Mandolin
Riley Osbourn - Piano and DX7
John Inmon - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Bass on "Twenty Years"
John Hagen - Cello
Gene Elders - Fiddle
Mickie Merkens and Denice Franke - Harmony Vocals

Produced by Hal Ketchum and Brian Wood

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