Ten Great Years - Kerrville Folk Festival

Label: Silverwolf Records

(This is from a two volume, 10 disc box-set which was a limit edition of 400.)

Volume Two - Disc 1
Recorded 1987
Song Track 4: (See Note)
O Daedalus, Fly Away Home - Denice Franke & Doug Hudson.

( This is a Robert Hayden poem set to music by David W. Wright formerly of the Beacon City Band )

Note: We call this a ghost track because the song title was mistakenly left off the song list in the liner notes.

Recorded LIVE at The Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas 1982 - 1991.

"This collection provided some insight in
the joy and excellence enjoyed by those
who actually heard these performances on
stage during these ten great years." ---

Rod Kennedy

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