Hudson & Franke reunited in Texas for two Special Performances!

Hudson and Franke You might remember them from Sunday afternoons at Gruene Hall or Thursday nights at Grins (San Marcos) performing as part of the Beacon City Band....

Or maybe you remember them as the popular folk duo "Hudson & Franke" playing many Saturday nights at the Cactus Café in Austin……

Or perhaps you saw them on tour with Nanci Griffith, opening her shows and performing with her across the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland…..

Hudson & Franke began performing as a duo in 1980 after the disbanding of the Beacon City Band. For ten years, they played the Austin/Houston area circuit and toured throughout the United States and Europe. In the late 80s they toured extensively with Nanci Griffith and were part of her "One Fair Summer Evening" video filmed at Anderson Fair in Houston, Texas. They also appeared with Nanci on Late Night with David Letterman.

Photo by Julie Ann Brown Old fans had been waiting a long time for a Hudson & Franke reunion. In April, Doug Hudson and Denice Franke reunited for two special performances.

April 6 (Saturday) 9 P.M.
Cactus Café, University of Texas, Austin
24th & Guadalupe

April 13 (Saturday) 1-5 P.M.
Gruene Hall
1281 Gruene Rd., in Gruene Historic District, New Braunfels, TX

Concert photos are here!

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